Trillian Password Recovery

Trillian Password Recovery

Automatically decrypts and decodes passwords for Trillian accounts
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Trillian Password Recovery is a nifty little application that will search a system for a Trillian account and it will automatically decrypt and decode the password for that account. It automatically detects the location of the installation path from the registry. It supports both versions of Trillian i.e. Basic and Pro. It will recover Trillian profile password even if Trillian is uninstalled. Trillian Astra password is also recovered very easily. You can drag and drop Trillian's settings INI file onto this program's window and it will automatically recover the password within a second. It also supports multiple protocols with proxy passwords. The main pre-requisite to use this program is that you must be able to login automatically into the account without having to enter the password in Trillian. Currently, Trillian Password Recovery can't detect passwords of pro membership accounts because those are not stored on the system. I will recommend this application to all Trillian users who tend to forget their password often.

Vineet Sharma
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  • Detects passwords even if Trillian is uninstalled
  • Works with both Trillian Basic and Pro


  • Pro Membership account is not supported
  • Expensive
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